Media Coverage

Click on the image below to find three articles and a demonstration video by our friends at Motorcycle Classics Magazine, in our opinion the best vintage bike rag in the States. 

  • Three-page overview and installation summary published in the May/June, 2019 issue,
  • Companion video done by Tech Editor Keith Fellenstein and Managing Editor Landon Hall,
  • The history of KickMagic development – Fall, 2018,
  • Teaser in “what’s new” – Summer, 2018.

Special thanks to Editor-in-Chief, Richard Backus, who we consulted with way back in 2017 as we developed the KickMagic concept. “You pull this off, and we’ll want to do an article for sure.” We did and they did! Keith and Landon also provided comments and insights for the installation instructions and manuals that we have factored in to our documentation and design.

Thanks guys. Huge help!