Our Installation and User Guides are comprehensive manuals.  At 50 +/- pages, they appear a bit daunting, but the reality is the fonts are BIG and we have lots of pictures and arrows to show you where everything goes.  The step by step instructions have been vetted by a number of our most picky vintage bike colleagues in an attempt to not only be clear about how the system is installed, but also to point out issues that you may find with your bike that have nothing to do with KickMagic but can make the job frustrating.  For example, we spend time going over techniques for repairing a gaggled kick start lever and shaft so that everything will assemble smoothly.

A video overview of prepping your bike, installing and using the system can be found HERE.

The manual that ships with your kit will be current as of that date, but we will be updating the online version as necessary.

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