KickMagic is designed to be installed on ’63 – ’79 big twin Triumphs with no special tools by a competent home mechanic.  However, as a vintage bike shop, you appreciate that many owners look to you to do some or all their maintenance and upgrades.

We are looking for partners who can provide installation services for KickMagic and in turn, we will promote your shop as a go-to KickMagic certified facility.

The features and benefits of this collaboration are as follows:

  • KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS RIDING  KickMagic Alton kits allow riders who are considering selling or mothballing their bikes to keep riding.
  • HIGH MARGINS WITH NO INVENTORY INVESTMENT For all KickMagic systems installed in your shop, we offer a 15% trade price rebate on the sale.
    • Your customers order online from our website and we will provide you a commission of 15%.  The basic system is $1995 and the standard 50 cu in air kit with satchel is another $500;   15% of $2500 is $375.   
    • You will ultimately standardize on 5 +/- hours per install at your shop labor rate. At an industry average of $75/hour that is $375.
    • Each project total = ~ $750
  • EXCEPTIONAL TECH MANUALS The KickMagic manuals are extremely well written and illustrated. Hard copies are provided with each kit, while soft copies are available for download on the website anytime.   We are always here for tech support for you and your customers with phone and FaceTime.
      • We have two “demo” kits available for you to evaluate free of charge.
  • 100% FACTORY SUPPORT FROM THE CLASSIC BIKE EXPERIENCE LLC IN VERMONT The kit comes with a two year warranty. 
      • All technical, warranty and product support issues will be handled by CBE.

Jerry and Lenny, our version of the Click and Clack Brothers. These guys vetted the installation manuals and did a fabulous job looking at it from an owner’s perspective.