How much electrical power does it use?

A total KickMagic system uses less than two (2) amps at 12V dc and can run on POS or NEG ground systems.   Notably, the duty cycle is very short as the system is only energized during start attempts, and there will be an insignificant drain on the battery.

 There is no modification to the bike’s wiring harness or amp rating on the fuse.  The KickMagic power cable is wired in after the motorcycle ignition power and has its own internal fuse.  For OIF Triumphs, for example, the system comes with a three way spade to connect at the flasher unit (White wire, NEG) and a ground eye to attach at either the battery or suitable engine or frame location (Red wire, POS).  Just make sure it is a good, non-skanky ground!