How do I use the KickMagic Starter?

All vintage motorcycle owners know the drill of prepping the bike to start – petcocks on, tickle the carbs, choke on, clear the clutch, position kickstarter at max compression, ignition on, etc. – and that is no different when using  KickMagic.  So, the first thing to do is get your bike ready to start the way you normally do.

The air source will be either shop air or an on-board tank.  Switching between the two is as easy as plugging in a normal shop air quick disconnect.

The KickMagic simple control panel is mounted on the dash with two buttons and three indicator lights.  The master arm button illuminates the red ARM light, letting you know the system is energized.  Placing your kick start lever in the ready-to-kick position illuminates the yellow  READY light.  Now push the start button and the green START light indicates there is now 5 seconds of air pressure to attempt your kick.  

The system then times out and you are ready for another attempt if necessary.

Yup, so easy a kid can do it……and has !