Will it look out of place on my vintage motorcycle?

We have really enjoyed putting the time necessary into making KickMagic look like it could have come from the factory, or at least from a high quality aftermarket period supplier. OK, so we are not Paul Dunstall, but we spent a lot of time with our favorite industrial design major, art teacher and vintage bobber bike builder biL (as he is known) of Wooden Piston Designs here in Vermont. His basic message was to pick up design cues from the bike itself and keep it in the genre of “futurism”, which is the root of the mechanical sculpture that makes these bikes so appealing.

To wit, consider the following:

  • The pneumatic actuator mimics the mufflers.
  • The dashboard has the same number – and color – of indicator lights as the headlight shell
  • The KickMagic optional satchel looks the part of a period toolbag or luggage roll
  • All other mounts, bracketry and fasteners have been chosen to blend in with the motorcycle utilizing the same finishes and style as the factory parts
  • Everything else is pretty much hidden from view

And, finally, the system is designed to have the major components removed quickly for storage or just keeping the stock look as you park the bike in your bedroom for the winter.  The satchel comes off with a few buckles, the actuator and mounting plate comes off with three bolts, the combination shaft with one, pneumatic lines are all quick disconnect and only two connectors need to be undone to complete the task.  We do recommend leaving the dash in place as it is a bit more involved, but you get the idea.