"International Kit"

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For non-US customers, this kit allows use of in-country air tanks and shop air supplies.

Comes with:

  1. Hi-pressure regulator specified to KickMagic standards that will spin on your local air tank,
  2. Quick disconnect fitting with 1/4" barb to connect to a shop air hose.

The reason for this kit:

The USA paintball tanks are built and tested to American DOT standards (Department of Transportation) that are not reciprocated by all countries, many of whom have their own standards. However, the regulators are universal. Furthermore, not all shop air fittings are the same, so this kit allows the user to attach the KickMagic compatible, female, quick-disconnect to any shop air hose.

We have agreements with a number of paint ball tank suppliers in various countries and will either help you source a tank or source if for you and have it shipped to your address upon request.

Sounds complicated, but it is not. Contact us for further information.

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