Let’s See if it Will Work on a BSA

I spent from April through June of last year rebuilding the thing, restoring it from sitting around for 25 years and I couldn’t start it, or had great difficulty in starting it with just the kick-starter. Old age maybe, for some reason I don’t think my leg has as much umph as what it did when I was a kid. So, I saw it working on Triumphs so I said to Jack, “Why don’t you get one for BSA? I just spent 4 months restoring it and I can’t use it cuz I can’t start it. Let’s see if it will work on a BSA” …so he says, “Here are the parts, Put it on.” I had already installed one on a Triumph so I knew how to install it to begin with …I got to the point where one kick and away she’d go. And that’s the way it should be. – Jerry