First “European” system delivered to a Brit who lives on the Channel Islands

Here’s a pic of the Tiger complete with sun, sea and me!! I got Jen to take it in the back garden.

I have some carburetor problems at the moment, so not riding far. I think the pilot jet is clogged, luckily I have a new premier carb fitted so it should be an easy fix (I hope).


Let’s See if it Will Work on a BSA

I spent from April through June of last year rebuilding the thing, restoring it from sitting around for 25 years and I couldn’t start it, or had great difficulty in starting it with just the kick-starter. Old age maybe, for some reason I don’t think my leg has as much umph as what it did when I was a kid. So, I saw it working on Triumphs so I said to Jack, “Why don’t you get one for BSA? I just spent 4 months restoring it and I can’t use it cuz I can’t start it. Let’s see if it will work on a BSA” …so he says, “Here are the parts, Put it on.” I had already installed one on a Triumph so I knew how to install it to begin with …I got to the point where one kick and away she’d go. And that’s the way it should be. – Jerry

The KM Kit was Easy and Fun to Install on my 1970 Bonnie

The system worked like a charm, every time, once we got it dialed in and I had fun starting it with just one hand to show off! The kit is solid, reliable, extremely well engineered with all first-rate components and is easy to install on the stock kick-start mechanism. An elegant solution for those of us who need it.


Just Installed the Kit on my 1968 Bonnie

Completed testing and everything is working very well. Have started it on shop air and bottle air. Air bottle is in one of the saddle bags. Works well. Starts well. Getting used to the process. Have been using the center stand. Your product has saved another old bike from being sold or stored.