1. How much does it cost including freight to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada?
    Where is my nearest supplier?
    Is it a diy project?

    • Hi Jenny. Thanks for the questions. The basic system is $1995 (USD) for all models 1963-1979. The on board air kit, with leather satchel, air tank and regulator, is $500, so all up $2505. Shipping in the continental US is a flat $45. I’d have to check on Alberta, but shouldn’t be much more if anything. It is completely DIY and you can download the manuals on the Product Support page. We are setting up dealer/installers in the US and Europe (with our partner Alton in France), but any competent vintage bike shop can provide tech support and we are here via Facetime and telcon to assist. Two year warranty. You can get the air tanks filled locally at a scuba shop like the one below I found on Google search. Cost is under $10 a fill and good for 90 starts.


      Any further questions, please let me know and we can have a call.

      Go Oilers………..


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